our equipment

  • Gas grill
  • Walk-in cooler and freezer
  • Dry storage shelving
  • Gas griddle/flatop
  • 3 electric convection ovens
  • Blodgett proofing box
  • Combined 12 burners on gas stoves with still ovens
  • Low burner
  • 30qt Hobart mixer
  • Robot Coupe Pro food processor
  • Multiple table top mixers and food processors, sizes vary
  • Dish sinks and dish sanitizing machine
  • Ice machine
  • Hot water tower
  • Large professional immersion blender
  • Towel and soap service
  • Small wares, pots, pans, storage containers and so much more!

Our working space is unique in several ways....

  • Our Storefront

Through our partnership with The Arrow Coffeehouse, our commissary actually has foot traffic and each commissary member will have a business profile in the cafe space. With that, we have the opportunity for better name recognition, potential retail space, a beautiful meeting space, and connection to a larger community. Our businesses will be seen here, which leads to more support and increased sales.

  • social media/online promotion

Unlike other commissary spaces, Kitchenhood is active on social media platforms where we focus on promoting our clients and connecting with customers and other businesses. We also list every client on our website here

  • collaboration & Development

We are committed to having an environment of support and creativity. We want members to join us based on whether it is the right fit, not just finances. We also are available to help you navigate any processes in the business world by offering assistance, workshops, and/or connecting you with trusted vendors.

  • location

Being in inner NE Portland means we are in a convenient location to reach all areas of the metro area. We are a few minutes from I-5 as well as Highway 30. Our building has a parking lot as well as a convenient designated loading and unloading space.